Challenge 3


Challenge 3




(CANGYM levels 9-12) – 6 to 14 years ? 2 hours
Tuesdays or Thursdays 6:00pm-8:00pm; OR
Saturdays 10:00am-12:00am

Challenge 3 follows Gymnastics Canada?s (CANGYM) National Skill Development and Evaluation Program. Our trained/certified coaches will teach Challenge 3 gymnasts a combination of basic skills and advanced target skills.

At the end of each session, Challenge 3 gymnasts will be evaluated in accordance with their Badge level. In Challenge 3, there are four badges:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Gold

With these four badges Challenge 3 gymnasts will learn apparatus specific skills – Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and Artistic Preparation for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG).

Each Challenge 3 gymnast will receive a progress report for each badge. Certificate of Participation are given to gymnasts who did not complete a badge. Certificate of Completion are given to the gymnasts when they complete a badge. Gold Routine Certificate is given to the gymnast when they complete their Gold badge.

Gymnasts who successfully complete Challenge 3 will have learned skills that will enable them to transition into a competitive steam at the territorial level. These target skills are:

Handspring 1/1
Tsukahara preparation to feet or back
Yurchenko preparation to feet or back

Uneven Bars
Backward sole circle
Cast to handstand
Straddle back or shoot 1/2 – assisted
Giant – assisted
Flyaway dismount? assisted

Balance Beam
1/1 turn
Forward or Backward handspring
Round-off or cartwheel with flight
CANGYM Acro element to Backward salto dismount

2/1 turn
Handstand 1/1
Forward handspring to Forward salto
Combination line of choice without salto
Combination line of choice with Forward salto
Round-off, Backward handspring, Backward salto
Round-off, whip or layout
Artistic Preparation
3 leap series
Series with 1 turning leap (360′)
Dance/Acro series with flight
Scale of choice

It is important to note that like everything else, gymnastics takes time and patience to learn advanced skills and not everyone progresses at the same rate.

Classes are split into groups according to age.

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Tuesdays 6:00pm, Thursdays 6:00pm, Saturdays 10:00am


Fall Session, Winter Session, Spring Session, Annual

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