Challenge 1


Challenge 1




(CANGYM levels 1-4) – 6 to 14 years – 90 minutes
Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays 5:15pm-6:45pm; OR
Saturdays 10:30am-12:00pm

Challenge 1 follows Gymnastics Canada?s (CANGYM) National Skill Development and Evaluation Program. Our trained/certified coaches will teach Challenge 1 gymnasts the “Fundamental Movement Patterns” of Artistic Gymnastics – Landings, Locomotions, Stationary Positions, Rotations, Springs, and Swings. Some conditioning will be introduced – a strong gymnast will be able to do skills properly and safely.

At the end of each session, Challenge 1 gymnasts will be evaluated in accordance with their Badge level. In Challenge 1, there are four badges:

  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • Tan
  • Bronze

The skills learned in earning these badges develop the movement patterns that must be mastered to successfully perform all future gymnastics skills.

In Challenge 1, gymnasts will use various non-competitive apparatuses (wall bars, trapezoids, boxes, mats, benches) and competitive gymnastics apparatuses modified for beginner gymnasts.

Each Challenge 1 athlete will receive a progress report for each badge. Certificate of Participation are given to participants who did not complete a badge. Certificate of Completion are given to the participants when they complete a badge.

Classes are split into groups according to age.

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Mondays 5:15pm, Wednesdays 5:15pm, Fridays 5:15pm, Saturdays 10:30am


Fall Session, Winter Session, Spring Session, Annual

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